Music Production
The funds generated through the NOIS minting and trading fees are primarily allocated towards music production. These songs serve as fundamental assets for the NOIS project, ensuring its value remains stable regardless of market conditions.
In order to fulfill our mission, we have decided to collaborate with one of the top music production studios. Comprising of veterans with over 10,000 songs produced to date, their proven track record includes creating music for Netflix dramas, film OSTs, K-pop, and web3 streaming. We will utilize their expertise to produce suitable music for NOIS, which will be distributed through our entire infrastructure, from sketch to distribution.
Initially, 50% of the funds generated through minting will be allocated to the Production Fund. Additionally, 80% of royalties generated from the secondary market will be directed towards the Production Fund as well. The majority of these funds will be utilized to produce more music within the NOIS ecosystem, with a portion also set aside for maintaining and expanding the NOIS ecosystem. The treasury address will be transparently disclosed to ensure accountability.
Web3 Community
NOIS aims to establish a robust community centered around art, music, and technology. Our development team was “Honorable Mentioned” at Solana Ignition, and comprises of a reputable team that had a sponsored booth at Singapore Hacker House. They possess expertise in multi-chain development, including Solana, EVMs, and Cosmos, and collaborate with a dedicated blockchain research team.
Furthermore, NOIS has a professional design team that specializes in designing fashion, IOT devices, and user experiences, which will be exclusive to NOIS.